Baby-led weaning is an exciting concept that mothers all around the globe are now implementing with their children. This form of weaning allows the baby…

Apples for Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning is an exciting concept that mothers all around the globe are now implementing with their children. This form of weaning allows the baby to self-feed from the very beginning, in the form of solids, totally skipping the pureed food stage. 

Look through any popular baby-led weaning resource you can, and you’ll most certainly find apples topping the list as food to begin with. But how exactly do you do it? Keep reading to find out just that and loads more. 

When Can I Start to Introduce Apples to My Baby?

Apples are one of the healthiest foods, and whether you’re practicing baby-led weaning or not, they can actually be one of the best first foods for your baby. You can start introducing apple puree to your baby as he completes 6 months of age, or consider softening the apples and preparing them for your BLW baby. 

Apples for Baby-Led Weaning

How Do I Start Introducing Apples to My Baby?

Confused about how to begin introducing apples to your baby? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. 

  • If you’re not keen on practicing baby-led weaning, you can soften or boil the apples and puree them and offer them to your baby. Apples are chock full of nutrients and vitamins, which makes them an excellent choice to begin with. 
  • To offer it to your baby as a part of the baby-led weaning process, you can first cube it or cut it into sticks and then boil and soften it.  
  • Not sure how to cook apples for baby-led weaning? You can either grate them and offer them on a self-feeding spoon or steam them until they are super tender, yet firm enough to be held by your baby. 
  • It is not a good idea to opt for raw apples for babies. This is because apples are hard, and might present a choking hazard, especially for younger babies. 

Ideally, it is a great idea to start with one food (apple in this case) for a couple of days, and let your baby experience it completely in different textures and forms, without any other additive. This will help your baby accept foods in their original form, and you’ll be less likely to raise a picky eater. If you must, you can also sprinkle a bit of cinnamon powder before you serve it. 

Also, remember to always pick organic apples for your babies, since they are on EWG’s Dirty Dozen list, which means they are more likely to contain higher amounts of pesticides. 

Benefits of Boiled Apples for Babies

There are tons of benefits of boiled apples for babies. 

  • They are high in fiber, which makes them easier to digest. This can be extremely helpful for babies who tend to get constipated. 
  • They have a good amount of vitamin C, which has been found to boost immunity and improve eye, skin, and brain health. 
  • Apples are also a rich source of antioxidants, which help fight the free radicals in the body. 
  • They contain impressive amounts of metal boron, which helps support brain function and improves bone health. 

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