Welcome, new friend! We’re super excited you found your way here. We’ll get started by introducing ourselves.


I’m Linda, and let me say – motherhood is no joke! I’m here to share what I experience as a first-time parent, and hopefully, it will lighten that load on your shoulders.

I have been blogging for a few years and share my passion for cooking at Ketchup with Linda. Now that our little G joins us at the dining table, I need to make easy, fast, and nutritious recipes that work for the whole family. Plus, cooking is my way of maintaining my sanity while juggling so many things. So, I’m here to inspire you and share wholesome, delicious food that your entire family can enjoy.

Extra tidbit: I enjoy dark chocolate and homemade pasta, traveling, and writing about herself in the third person (come on, who doesn’t?). For questions, comments, or collaborations, please contact her on the Contact Page.


This little dumpling joined us in 2020 and brings so much sunshine to our small family. He is always excited for playtime, and we hope the same will happen when eating.

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